Books I haven’t read yet because #intimidated

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful start to the week!! I’m not going to lie, I haven’t been terribly motivated with my blog lately. I’ve had a lot going on IRL so my inspiration for writing and thinking up blogs has been very low. So I apologise for my lack of presence both on my blog and commenting on your blogs. I promise I will try and get back into it over the coming weeks as things ease up a bit.

Anyhoo, today I was thinking about books that I haven’t read or finished because they are just waaaay too intimidating. I am gunna jump into it straight away so I don’t keep rambling.

Lord of the Rings – J.R.R Tolkien

I have tried reading the first book soooooo many times, but I always stop reading when they get to the cabbage patch. I think that is like, the first 100 pages. For one, I find Tolkien’s writing to difficult to follow but also, his stories are EPIC. Maybe I am just not ready for the epicness yet? I will keep trying and maybe one day I will get further than the cabbage patch…

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War and Peace – Leo Tolstoy

I don’t think I’m the only person who is intimidated by this book. Have you seen how freakin HUGE it is? How can anyone write a book so big? It is my plan to one day start on this mammoth of a book, even if it takes me 20 years to finish.

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Anna Karenina – Leo Tolstoy

Another MASSIVE book. Like War and Peace, I really hope to start reading this book one day…maybe in 20 years when I have finished W & P…

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The Passage – Justin Cronin

I have this book sitting on my shelf and I feel really bad for not reading it yet because I have heard good things. But it’s big and then the other 2 books are big too. And then I heard there are vampires or something in it and to be honest I’m not really into vampires at the moment because of over-exposure after Twilight.

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A Song of Ice and Fire series – George R.R. Martin

I’m sorry But I feel like I am actually the only person in the world who hasn’t been into either the books or the television series. I have a real issue with really popular things becoming too popular and then not being able to go on the internet because of spoilers. I also have heard there is ALOT of sexual assault in these books which doesn’t really make feel inclined to read. If someone can tell me that these will be the best things I ever read then I may change my mind, until then…hmmmm not so much.

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We need to talk about Kevin – Lionel Shriver

I started reading this book but then got a little scared off it because it seems rather dark. I therefore put the book back on the shelf but I keep looking at it because I feel like I should read it.

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An Echo in the Bone – Outlander book 7 – Diana Gabaldon

I started this book and was loving it (as I have loved all of the books so far) however I spoilt the next book (Written in my own hearts blood) by reading Wikipedia. I now kind of know what is going to happen and I don’t want to deal with the stress. I know, I know, I shouldn’t have read ahead but it’s a really bad habit to get out of. So now I am too scared to continue because of feelings.

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The next 7 Wheel of Time books

*Sigh*….this series is turning out to be my Mt Everest. I started reading the series last year and was doing really well. I got through the first 7 without reading any other book in between. But then I hit a slump with this series and have realised I have SEVEN BOOKS to go before I get to the end. And for anyone who has read these books…they can be a bit tedious at times because of Jordan’s over-describing of pretty much EVERYTHING. Anyway, the plan is to keep trying…there’s just so many ūüė¶

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I have always, always wanted to give Manga a go but have always been super intimidated by the lay-out. This sounds super weird but I have never been very good at reading comics so therefore never gave Manga a go. If anyone knows of some good Manga to start with let me know!!

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That’s all for today my friends. Do any of the above books intimidate you too much to read? Are there any books that intimidate you that aren’t on my list? Let me know in the comments section below!!

Steff xx

Mid Year Book Freak Out Tag

Hello everyone, I’m having a sad week so far and therefore have not had much inspiration for blogging. However I came across this tag¬†at Kiersten @ Once Upon a Spine and thought it would be fun. I haven’t tagged anyone, however if you want to do this one please feel free to do so ūüôā

Best book you have read so far in 2017


This is an incredibly difficult one because I have read so many AMAZING books. However I have to do with Red Rising because, well, it’s pretty much the best. Words cannot express how freaking awesome this series is!!

Best Sequel of 2017 so far


This book was more than I ever hoped for and to be honest, would have to be some of Cassie Clare’s best work to date. It was funny, action packed and oh yeah, it ripped my heart out.

New release you haven’t read yet, but you want to

Image result for when dimple met rishi

I haven’t heard a bad word about this book, in fact, everywhere you look there is nothing but LOVE for this book. I therefore CANNOT WAIT to read this one!!

Most anticipated release of the second half of 2017

Image result for godsgrave

I love this book already and I haven’t even read it. I love the Nevernight series soooooooo much, so this is a book that I am going to read in one (or two days), and I will most likely not eat anything because food WILL NOT be a priority!!

Biggest disappointment


I have already ranted enough about this one. BIGGEST. DISAPPOINTMENT.

Biggest surprise


Umm yeah, this book was a massive surprise for me. I honestly didn’t know if I would like it just by reading the blurb but….yeah…I fell IN LOVE with this book (and Six of Crows).

Favourite new author (Debut or new to you)


Amazing, amazing, amazing!!! I absolutely cannot wait to read more from Angie!!

Favourite new character


Not really *new*, but definitely Delilah Bard. I love her soooo much!!!!

Book that made you cry

Lord of Shadows РHow could you Cassandra Clare?!?!

Book that made you happy


Favourite book to movie adaption you’ve seen this year


I still have no words. This movie was EVERYTHING.

Favourite review you’ve written this year

It’s not exactly a *review* but it’s a rant about a certain aspect of ACOWAR (I gave ACOWAR 4 stars in my review so don’t worry, it’s not a hate rant or anything like that). ACOWAR: The one where perfection becomes boring is exactly what it says it’s about. I loved Rhys but he was too perfect, so I had fun with this rant.

Most beautiful book you’ve bought/received this year

Image result for strange the dreamer

Would you just LOOK at how BEAUTIFUL this book is!!!

Books you need to read by the end of the year

There are too many to mention, but GODSGRAVE is the only one I really care about at the moment.


Well I hope you enjoyed this post! Have you read any of the above or plan to read any of the above?

Steff xx

Unpopular Opinion: Why I don’t like Frozen

Last night I watched Moana for the first time and I have to say, it is now up there with my other favourite Disney movies – Tangled, Beauty and the Beast and Brave. I think it is such a wonderful, inspiring movie and I think there would be so many little girls around the world who will look up to Moana.

Which then brings me to Frozen.

Sometimes I feel like I am the only person in the world who really does NOT love this movie…and this is coming from a Disney freak!! Believe me when I say this isn’t one of those “Ohhh it’s too popular so I can’t like it wah, wah, wah”. No, I dislike this movie on many levels. Today, I will explain why.


In the Disney world, there are some pretty crappy characters that do pretty crappy things. But to me, Elsa absolutely takes the cake. She pushes her sister away, leaving her all alone in the world; she runs away from the only person in the world who stands by her and loves her…her sister; she pretty much leaves everyone to FREEZE TO DEATH. And when she finds out that last little piece of information SHE DOESN’T EVEN CARE. Elsa is not empowering or inspiring. To me she is a Disney villain. She is the bad guy in this movie and I absolutely CANNOT STAND HER.

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The whole “this is so feminist” product promoting

What makes this movie feminist? The main characters are female – ok sure that’s a start. But to me that’s pretty much where is stops. To me feminism is females and males being equal and I honestly did not see this in this movie. Sure the whole “true loves kiss” was turned on it’s head a bit but I still don’t buy it. I feel like “feminism” is seen by some people as a trend and therefore like to just throw it out there because people will buy it. For one, how about not needing to mention feminism at all. Why should it be mentioned, as if it is like a treat….when it should be something that occurs naturally anyway? Every single movie and book should be empowering to women and men alike. I hate that it has become something that is treated as though “if you don’t behave, you won’t get equality”. EVERYTHING should be feminist…equalist…whatever the hell you want to call it.

If you are wanting to watch a movie with more feminist qualities, you would be better off watching Moana or Brave.

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This story was about sisterly love apparently. Or that was how it was marketed. Once again right at the end, you see “true loves kiss”…which would have been¬†super sweet if you thought Elsa loved or respected Anna. But we didn’t see any of this throughout the whole freakin movie. Sure, Elsa was scared of hurting Anna again,¬†however she still manages to do by not going anywhere near her. Elsa pushes Anna away at every single turn and sends an ICE DEMON after her…which could have KILLED her. HOW IS THIS SISTERLY LOVE???? Based on the supposed sisterly love in this movie, the Thor franchise could totally promote their movies as a story about “the brotherly love between Loki and Thor”.

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The parents are absolutely awful

Award for the crappiest Disney parents go to these two. They encourage Elsa to not use her powers and to pretty much become a recluse. They don’t find anyone to help her, they just lock her in her room and tell her to keep it hidden. They pretty much set her on the path of being a crappy sister and Queen…GREAT WORK GUYS!!!¬†

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So, in an effort to not have Elsa being seen as “the villain”, let’s throw in a guy who wants to take over the kingdom in a very half-hearted sense. The funny thing is, he actually did nicer things for the people than what Elsa or Anna ever did. Like when everyone is dying from the cold and he makes sure everyone has blankets etc. I feel like the movie was half made and the writers were like “eeek Elsa looks like a bit of a bitch…hmm let’s see…Oh I know! Let’s just make it seem like Hans was evil the whole time”. Puh-lease!!

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Those troll things

Like minions, I do not care for them. At all.

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Anna falls in love with¬†Hans in like, 2 seconds, then proceeds to fall in love with Kristoff just as quickly. In a movie that¬†is marketed to be¬†about women empowerment and sisterly love, why not just leave out the romance side of it when the end result of the “romance” was quite weak anyway? Not every¬†story has to centre around falling in love and there are more ways of finding yourself than finding “the one”. Don’t get me wrong, I am an absolute sucker for romance, however in this movie it felt like both Hans and Kristoff are there for the sake of it and I don’t dig it.

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I genuinely just love every other Disney movie more

I don’t HATE Frozen, but I am very, very, very far off from loving it. Frozen ended up feeling like something you had to like because everyone else did…Like Game of Thrones or the Walking Dead. And I really, really dislike being told what I should and shouldn’t like. If you pitted Frozen against any other Disney movie I would also choose the latter, because to me they felt more genuine, more inspiring and had more lessons to teach than Frozen.

I will always love characters like Belle, Rapunzel, Merida, Moana, Simba and Aladdin who sought adventure and a way to become a better version of themselves, who made sacrifices for the ones they loved and inspired others to do the same. Frozen was sold to consumers along the same lines, however to me, it did not deliver.

Steff xx




Just some random bookish thoughts for a Friday

I consider myself to be a pretty random person, I have lots of random thoughts in my head and usually I verbalise these thoughts before I fully think it through. If you asked my friends/family I think they would agree with this.

So in keeping with my whole randomness thing, I thought today I would do a post about all the random bookish things in my head at the moment…FUN!!!

  • I’m reading The Vagrant at the moment which is part of¬†a trilogy. I only bought the first book and I was then going to read the first book of the Mistborn trilogy. But I have now decided that I really like The Vagrant and therefore need to go to Dymocks at lunch to get the next books, and I need to finish them before moving onto Mistborn.
  • I need to get back into the Wheel of Time series. I’m up to book 8 and I have been meaning to read it for 9 months however it is sooooo long and nothing usually happens until the last 200 pages.
  • I really want the Harry Potter 20th Anniversary collection. I WANT THEM SO BAD!!!

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  • I really hope that the Throne of Glass series is portrayed well on TV. I am so over watching shows/movies of my favourite books and being disappointed. Eg. Shadowhunters…not a fan ūüė¶
  • I have run out of blog ideas at the moment, which is why I am writing my random thoughts down…
  • I really wish the last Throne of Glass book was coming out this year. Bloody authors leaving us with big cliffhangers…
  • Did people really talk the way they did in Pride and Prejudice? If so, people must have said less silly things because they seemed to talk with real fancy words in fancy sentences.

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  • I want to continue writing my story but I don’t have a laptop. It’s a really stupid excuse, because I have a computer, but it’s at a desk and it feels too formal to write a story…
  • Why aren’t books cheap?
  • If I lived next to book depository I wouldn’t have to wait for ages for my books and still get them at a reasonable price.
  • I want every single version of all of my favourite books but I can’t afford it.

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Non-book related…

  • Umm, what the hell is Katy Perry doing? Everything she does at the moment seems really forced and I’m really not digging it.

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Anyways, that’s all for today.¬†I hope you liked my random thoughts…maybe you have had some of the same kind of thoughts?

Happy Friday!!

Steff xx