Books in 2018 that made me feel a whole lotta ‘meh’

I am pretty easy to please when it comes to books (well, fantasy books anyway). I will pretty much like anything you put in front of me, as long as it doesn’t have the little things that I get super annoyed about, which can annoy me to the point of DNF’ing. A few of my pet peeves that will get a book on my list are:

  • Made up slang – I can deal with most words, but if it is to the point of corniness, you’ve lost me.
  • Lack of world building or character building
  • Too much world building and/or character building, to the point where it takes over the story
  • Confusing story lines – I’m sorry, but I’m pretty clueless at the best of time, I don’t want to feel this way while reading a book.
  • Animal cruelty
  • Hateable MC’s

The following books are therefore books that fit somewhere into the above categories. I finished most of these but one, so I think I did pretty well in that regard.

1. Girls of Paper & Fire – Natasha Ngan

Girls of paper and fire

I DNF’d this book at page 188 and I still felt like nothing much had really happened. I have heard that there is romance, which I was looking forward to, but hadn’t seen much of it by this point. The MC didn’t really grab me which I also struggled with. ALOT of people loved this book, so this is obviously more of a personal thing and doesn’t actually reflect on the book.

2. Furyborn – Claire Legrand


One of the MC’s was extremely unlikeable, there was animal cruelty and overall the story was just….meh. I actually will read the next book though because a part of me is intrigued to see where things are going to go….even though you are told what is going to happen from the very start.

3. Spinning Silver – Naomi Novik

spinning silver.jpg

This book was just so borrrrring. It was long winded and just….I can’t even tell you what happened in the book it was so unremarkable to me. The ‘slow-burn romance’ was so slow-burn that I actually don’t even know how you could call it a romance by the end, or why it should be a romance considering the women were treated horribly by the ‘love interests’. The world-building went for pages, and the story lines were at times difficult to follow, especially when a few random PoV’s were thrown in for no reason.

4. Good Omens – Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett

good omens.jpg

I am actually pretty bummed about this one because so many people have said it is amazing. I just….couldn’t see it. I was confused from the start with the swapping babies, and then all of the different character arcs which made the story drawn out. There was also use of the ‘f’ word a few times (no, not the swear word but the derogatory word), and while I know that this is an old book and times have changed, it still didn’t sit right with me. I don’t know, this book really just went over my head, and in the end it was a massive disappointment.

5. Lifel1k3 – Jay Kristoff


I still can’t really explain to you how I feel about this book. It was just so….average??? It had made up slang which was very cringey for me, I actually experienced second-hand embarrassment. It had an unlikeable robot that reminded me of claptrap from the Borderlands games (and I fucking hate claptrap), and instalove which was super creepy. On top of that, it had an MC who’s motives changed just for the sake of the story line. This book was a massive disappointment considering I absolutely adore Nevernight.


I think I did pretty well to only have 5 books out of the 70 that I read in 2018, turn out to be disappointing. Did any of these books make your ‘meh’ list? What made your ‘meh’ list? Let me know in the comments section below!

Steff xx



4 thoughts on “Books in 2018 that made me feel a whole lotta ‘meh’

  1. Sad you didn’t love good omens I read the audio and thought it was fantastic but I can see how it would be a miss! I felt that way with American gods it just went over my head but I could see why people love it 😅
    I liked lifel1k3 but it wasn’t exactly what I expected from kristoff the ending was a bit eh for me and a little predictable, hopefully there’s not to many meh reads this year!

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    1. Yeah I might try the Good Omens show whenever it comes out, maybe that might make it easier for me to follow!!! I haven’t heard anything about American Gods, but I imagine it would go over my head as well! Yeah Lifel1k3 wasn’t bad but not great? It was just….like you said, a bit eh. I will still read the next one because apparently Lemonfresh is the MC, which might make things a bit more interesting!!! Thank you for the comment!!

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  2. Real shame about girls of paper and fire and furyborn- I haven’t read either of them, but I’ve seen the hype. Very disappointing about good omens and lifelike as well- I’ve been looking forward to them too- so maybe I’ll just have to lower my expectations 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah honestly, I think just going in with lower expectations is the way to go. I definitely think that I just didn’t enjoy a few of these because I personally didn’t like the style of writing, so they definitely aren’t bad books. Thanks for reading 🙂


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