Harry Potter Rant: What about Hedwig?!

If you follow JK Rowling on twitter, you will have recently seen this:

twitterOk, for one, I honestly 100% believe that Rowling needs to STOP. Yes, we all love the HP series and everything that has come out of it however I do believe that it’s at the point where she is drawing it out. But that is not my point I am making today. The point I am making is…


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Like, seriously!! If there is one death that had me sobbing, it was poor little Hedwig. That loyal beautiful owl stepped in front of the killing curse to save Harry, and HE DIDN’T EVEN CARE! He had a “pang” of sadness. WHAT IS THAT? Even if it is the end of the world as we know it, I would have more than just a “pang”. I would be really freakin upset! I would cry and if I didn’t have time to mourn at that point I would do it later, after the world-saving. But Harry didn’t even do that!

In the final HP book, I remember reading it and then waiting for anything to be mentioned about Hedwig. But nope, there was like, one tiny, miniscule moment when Harry was like “oh that happened” and then that was it. NOT COOL HARRY!

I am sad about all of the deaths that happened in the HP series, and I understand that Rowling obviously put a lot of thought into who needed to die. But…poor Hedwig! To die and not even get an honourable mention! Hedwig did SO MUCH for Harry…SO MUCH!!!

So Rowling, thank you for being sad about Snape (I still have mixed feelings about him still), but I really think you should have said Hedwig instead.

Does anyone else agree with me about Hedwig? And please just note, I am not saying that the others deserved to die instead of Hedwig, I am just saying I have an issue that no one seemed to care.

I’m going to go and scream into my pillow now.

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Steff xx




  1. I agree with the sadness of Hedwig dying and I think that Snape’s death was one of the few that was wholly necessary, but the apologies are only for ones that occurred during the Battle of Hogwarts. Poor Hedwig died too soon, as did Sirius and so many more I’m sure I’m forgetting. ^^;

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    • littlebookynook · May 4

      Yeah I thought it was for the Battle of Hogwarts, I still get sad that poor Hedwig wasn’t really mentioned after she died in HP7. Ohhh Sirius 😭😭😭😭

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      • She didn’t even get a proper burial in the book. At least in the movie she died fighting and I get that, but her book death was horrible.


  2. chloedouglas28 · May 4

    YESS!! Totally agree. I was disappointed in Harry’s reaction

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  3. Kiersten · May 4

    I was sad when Hedwig died, but what absolutely killed me was when Dobby died. Even now, whenever I re-read the series I bawl like a complete baby when Dobby dies. 😭 As much as I adore the series, I do think JK needs to call it quits. The longer she keeps dragging it out the more of a joke it’s going to become.


  4. journeyintobooks · May 10

    I completely agree, she deserved so much more.

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  5. K. A. Botello · July 3

    Honestly, I was more upset by how minimal the death of Hagrid and Fred Weasley was. I loved the Weasley twins.


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