Book covers as pretty as an Easter egg wrapper

Hello my lovely book peeps!! I can’t tell you how excited I am for a 4 day weekend…this week was rather hectic so it’ll be nice to chill!!

Anyway, I was thinking of doing an Easter themed post and thought – easter eggs are pretty…so Ill put up a few books with book covers that are as beautiful as an Easter egg wrapper πŸ’œ

Strange the Dreamer – Laini Taylor

How could I NOT put this beautiful book cover on here! I actually think it is one of my favourites, it is honestly just stunning. 

Frog Kisser – Garth Nix

I love this one with the green and yellow and frogs, it really stands out. I’ve got this one on my book case, I can’t wait to start it! 

A Court of Mist and Fury – Sarah J Maas

Some of you may roll your eyes on this one, but I think this cover is beautiful. I also really like stroking it because it feels velvety…TMI?

Caraval – Stephanie Garber 

No I didn’t like the book, but I can definitely appreciate how pretty the cover is. It’s the only thing that may stop me from donating it…

The Song Rising – Samantha Shannon

I absolutely love the cover of this book. When I was reading it, I just kept closing it to look at the cover…I loved it that much. 

Lady Midnight – Cassandra Clare

Yeah there were a few books I could put for Cassie Clare, but this is one of the newer ones and so pretty. I cannot wait for the end of May when Lord of Shadows comes out….oh the angst that awaits us!!

There are a thousand more books out there I could add to this list, however these are just a few of my favourites because they are colourful…like an Easter egg wrapper. 

I hope you enjoyed my list, and wherever you are in the world, whatever you are doing, I hope you have a wonderful and safe Easter. 

Steff xx


14 thoughts on “Book covers as pretty as an Easter egg wrapper

  1. The cover of Caraval is the only thing keeping me from donating it to the library as well. Such a pretty cover with such a let down of a story inside. Sigh. Also, that cover for A Song Rising is wonderful but have you seen the purple one for it? Gorgeous. I love pulling it and looking at it, maybe giving it a hug from time to time. It deserves it. Hah!

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  2. I’m actually reading strange the dreamer right now and I agree the cover is gorgeous! πŸ™Œ All of the covers in the infernal devices theories are perfect! In fact I am reading lord of shadows at the moment, (also lol) which is amazingly good, and has certainly not let me down.

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