Songs I’ve been strangely obsessed with

Man I am on a ROLE this week…. (roll? role?) WHICH IS IT?! ANYHOO, little old me was driving in my car this afternoon and YouTube recommended I listen to an old favourite of mine – Simple Kind of Life by No Doubt. Now, back in the day I was OBSESSED with this song in a ‘listen to it a million times a day until I hate it’ kinda way. This got me thinking of a few songs I have been utterly obsessed with over my short life. I thought I’d share them with you…

…..please try not to judge me TOO much :mrgreen::mrgreen:

1. My Sacrifice – Creed

Oh yeah, starting off with the best…haha! I think I was 15 when this song came out and it really “spoke to me”. I’m not sure what element spoke to me, whether it was the nice little guitar “riff” or Scott’s deep burly voice. I had my cd player set to repeat…no joke. I actually haven’t listened to this song in years and don’t care to, because I actually can’t stand Creed haha!

2. One – Metallica

Quite the opposite end of the spectrum. I have a rather morbid side, and I remember really liking the film clip…which is pretty horrible because it is a guy who was in the war and has no arms, legs, sight or hearing. I think I really just liked how absolutely depressing this song was. Another song I listened to on repeat 😕

3. Friday I’m in love – The Cure

I actually still love this song, it makes me soooooo happy!! In highschool I used to call up the local radio station and request this song. At least this is one song I haven’t exactly listened to death yet!

4. Lucky – Britney Spears

I have no idea what my obsession was with this song. Maybe I felt sorry for Britney? All I know is, at one point in my life this was the ONLY Britney song I liked.

5. Viva Forever – Spice Girls

I was quite obsessed with the Spice Girls (umm…who wasn’t ). But I loved this song enough to have it on single…and to sing with a couple of friends in front of the school for year 7 graduation 😂

6. Build me up buttercup – The Foundations

My obsession with this one was strong enough to buy a 2 disc compilation with this being the only song I wanted. I used to put this song on in the mornings whilst getting ready for school. It was my jam!

7. Stan – Eminem

Back to morbid Steff. For one, I love Eminem, he is incredibly talented. I had all of his cd’s at one point…he was my boyfriend (in my head obviously ). But I guess that 14 year old Steff loved how depressing and psychotic this song was and bought the single…then listened on repeat until I can’t really listen to it anymore. Its been 84 years…

8. Murder on the dance floor – Sophie Ellis Baxter

Sigh. I really debated putting this song on the list because it’s embarrassing. Yes, I bought the single. Yes, I had romantic notions of dancing to this song with a hot guy, Devon Sawa preferrably. Moving on.
9. Santa Monica – Everclear

I think I was obsessed with this song because my manager at Red Rooster loved this song. He was cool, so I guess I wanted to be cool too. Haha!

10. Any man of mine – Shania Twain

Hey, I STILL love this song!!! I will put it on at every bar I go to. I may even karaoke it soon…I’ve been practicing this song for like, 20 years, so no doubt I’m going to sound awesome!

Well I hoped you liked my list of songs I’ve been strangely obsessed with. Have you had songs you’ve been strangely obsessed with? 

Steff xx



  1. KarlettaA · April 3

    You had some songs that I’d listenbon repeat too.
    Like Build me up Buttercup. I’m sorry, I’ve forgotten the other two.

    I listen to these on repeat – Rob Dougan’s Furious Angels, Unsent letter by The Whitlams (co written by Matt Ford), Jack Johnson’s Flake, Drinking in LA by Bran Van 3000 and… well heaps of others.

    Loved the Cure. Had their entire back catalogue until after Wrong Number.

    Liked by 1 person

    • littlebookynook · April 3

      Ahh Unsent Letter!! I love that song!!! I haven’t heard some of those songs (I’m not good with names though). The Cure are one of my favourite bands, I saw them in concert in 2007 and they were amazing! Thanks for reading 😊😊

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Vicki · April 3

    Oh I so remember you listening to most of those. I love a lot of the same. I liked singing an Eminem song & I thought it said Red & yellow purple hills 😂😂

    The Dance by Garth Brooks is my funeral song, evokes a lot of memories.

    Thanks for your list

    Liked by 1 person

    • littlebookynook · April 3

      Lol the Mtv version was hills instead of pills, because it was too naughty 😊


  3. Zuky the BookBum · April 3

    Murder on the Dancefloor is a banger and I went to see The Cure live recently and they were sOOOO good! Friday I’m in Love is a great song 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • littlebookynook · April 5

      The Cure are amazing live aren’t they!!! Lol yeah I still get excited when Murder on the Dancefloor comes on 😄

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Lynn Thaler · April 3

    “Any Man of Mine” is one of my favorites 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ahhhhhh Murder on the Dancefloor was my jam back in primary school. I love Lucky and Friday, I’m In Love too. Your Spice Girls story is super relatable because in Year 4 a group of girls and I performed a dance we choreographed for Stop in front of our class 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    • littlebookynook · April 6

      Yep Murder on the Dance floor was pretty fun 😊 Haha that’s awesome! So many of us were Spice Girls hey 😄 Thanks for reading 💜


  6. Jasper Shabin · April 7

    I’ll go with Eminem as my first…. Anyways, your taste is also good… They are nice

    Liked by 1 person

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