Welcome to my Bookshelf Tour

Hey Everyone!!

How is everyone doing? I am currently on a book-buying HIATUS because I have too many books in my TBR pile…like, it’s only 15 books but I should probably get through them so I can get on with buying more books, HA!

Today I thought I would take you on a tour of my bookshelf. Now, it’s not very big and you can’t really see the amount of books I have because they are doubled up. But I am happy with how it looks…cluttered but colourful.

I used to have all of my books in order of fave’s, but I have started shoving books anywhere they can fit now.


I will need to re-organise my shelf soon, I have just been trying to figure out how. I am constantly collecting little knick-knacks to add to the collection.

This is my TBR pile – note, there are books behind this pile which are also part but I didn’t count them…I needed to feel like I don’t have as big a TBR as it looks. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t read these books, I obviously bought them for a reason but I guess I just got side-tracked!


Anyway, that’s it for today. Like I said, not a very big bookshelf so therefore not a very big tour. If you have any recommendations on how I can improve my bookshelf believe me I am all ears. It’s my birthday soon, so if anyone would like to purchase another bookshelf for me, that would also be lovely – just kidding 🙂

Steff xx


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