Q & A with Author of “Corrupt Me” – Jillian Quinn

Hello my lovelies!!!

This is my first post of 2017 and I am so excited to be starting it off with a Q & A with Author of ‘Corrupt Me’ – Jillian Quinn. Corrupt Me comes out on 17 January 2017, you can purchase it on Amazon.

Jill also runs the awesome blog rant and rave about books – make sure you check it out!!!!


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Q & A

1. Your book is based on two prominent Italian-American families, both with ties to criminal activities. Did you have concerns about misrepresenting the Italian-American demographic, and if so, how did you get around this?

JQ: Yes, I was concerned with how readers would perceive my characterization of Italian-Americans when I first started writing the story. I am not an Italian-American. However, I have many friends who are and because of that, I felt as though I was able to properly describe what a typical Sunday dinner with the family would be like as well as capture some of the mannerisms and rituals I have observed over the years. One thing that sticks out most with Italians is that family is very important. I love that you always feel welcome in an Italian home. They treat you like you are part of their family, which is another reason I chose to write about Italians. I also dated a lot of Italian men, and I love their mothers. Italian mothers are my absolute favorite, which is why I developed Luca’s Ma the way I did in Corrupt Me. I’m pretty sure I dated one guy in high school because I love his mother. I was sad when I broke up with him and couldn’t see his mom anymore.

2. What stories or events did you use as inspiration for your book?

JQ: I was having one of my Mafia movie binge days, switching from the movie Goodfellas to The Godfather, both of which are my favorite movies of all time, and I started to think about the relationships between both Karen and Henry in Goodfellas as well as Michael and Kay in The Godfather. Karen was strong and stood up to Henry, and I always respected her for that, where Kay backed down to Michael and let him control her and the kids until she finally had the nerve to leave him. Izzie’s character was inspired by the portrayal of Karen Hill by Lorriane Bracco in Goodfellas.

Before they get married in the movie, Karen says that she knew Henry was a bad man and it turned her on. The same thing is true of Izzie Rinaldi in Corrupt Me when she is rekindled with Luca Marchese. When it comes to The Godfather, I always wanted to write a character that reminded me of Michael Corleone, and I found that in Izzie. She’s not your typical heroine and she will do anything to protect her family just like Michael.

3. Are any of the characters based on someone you know/know of? If so, are you able to tell us who/why?

 JQ: Lucky Luciano, the famous gangster, inspired Luca’s character in name only. As far as his looks, I based his appearance on Vincent Piazza, the actor who portrayed Lucy Luciano in the TV show Boardwalk Empire. I have a huge crush on him, so it only seemed fitting. As far as the fraternity president side of Luca, that was based on a friend of mine from college who was the president of his fraternity. I pretty much had free reign of their house when I was there, and because I was always so comfortable around fraternity guys, I wanted to write about a character who was a member of one of them.

4. I love how we get to read both Izzie and Luca’s PoV. We’re you always going to write multiple PoV’s? If not, what made you change the format?

 JQ: Originally, I was only going to write from Izzie’s POV to keep some of the mafia suspense hidden until later. But once I started to write dialogue for Luca, I realized he was a fun character to follow around, and I also thought readers might want to see what it’s like to be the president of a fraternity or what it was like for Luca being part of a criminal family. Now, I write all of my books with dual POV because I like to hear from both my male and female characters.

5. There are some rather steamy sex scenes/references throughout this book? Did you find it difficult writing these scenes? Did you have to overcome any emotions whilst putting these scenes together?

 JQ: Weird fact: I love writing sex scenes! They are by far the easiest scenes for me to write and come so natural to me that they take anywhere from five to thirty minutes to write. I could write an entire book with sex scenes no problem. To write a juicy sex scene, you need to put yourself in a porn directors’ seat while you’re writing because you’re not only thinking about the emotions but the actions of each character. You have to be able to take a step back and really analyze if this body part should be here and if it makes sense.

About the Author

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  1. Great interview! 💁🏻

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  2. Drew @ TheTattooedBookGeek · January 12, 2017

    Cool interview by yourself and Madame Quinn.😀

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  3. the bohemian bookworm · January 12, 2017

    Great questions!! 🙂


  4. rantandraveaboutbooks · January 13, 2017

    Thanks, Steff! 🙂 I loved answering your questions! I must’ve had my calendar mixed up. I had you down for the review today and didn’t see this until now. Sorry, I’m behind on posts. Thanks for having me on your blog. 🙂

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    • littlebookynook · January 13, 2017

      No worries lovely! Oh I had to post Australia time because I left America on Wednesday which meant that I lost the Thursday. I thought better a bit early than late 😊😊

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      • rantandraveaboutbooks · January 13, 2017

        Oh, right. I forget about the time difference sometimes. lol I’m glad you had a good grip and are back home. I bet you don’t miss the cold weather. 🙂

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      • littlebookynook · January 13, 2017

        I kind of am missing the cold at the moment, its crazy hot here lol.

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      • rantandraveaboutbooks · January 13, 2017

        I wish it was colder in Florida right now. I’m so used to cold weather where I used to live. I’ve heard it’s super hot there. 😂

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