Ranty rant

Hello lovely people. I hope you are all well. 

I have some feelings that I want to discuss, about certain things going on in the reading universe. I think this will be the only time I talk about this, because it feels rather negative. 

There have been books published that obviously have questionable topics. Look at, for instance, The Continent, by Keira Drake. Why in 2016 anyone would use the term “savages” is beyond me. I disagree with the term and context it’s used in. HOWEVER, if you want to go and read this book despite reviews, go ahead and do it. It DOES NOT mean you are a racist person. 

The purpose of reading is to learn and broaden our minds. This means reading controversial books, diverse books, gay, straight, bi, fantasy, erotica…the list goes on.

If the person sitting across from you on the train is reading a book about an inappropriate relationship between a child and adult, that doesn’t make them a pedophile. Just like people who read 50 shades aren’t all into S& M. 

When you come across problematic wording, discuss the issues in a civilised manner. You don’t need to go calling out and attacking the author, or calling for boycotts of the book. Discuss the issues, obtain the authors point of view, educate where necessary and move on. Telling readers to boycott a book, if anything, makes them more prone to go and buy the book. And if they do go and read the book you disagree with, don’t make them feel like a terrible person for it. 

Remember when Twilight came out and everyone read it, despite knowing that it was a problematic relationship and not very well written? I read these books twice, and learned that there were better books out there, and that stalker relationships are unhealthy 🙊

Any book can be deemed harmful to a reader. That’s the risk we all take when jumping into another world. Being female, I’ve had things done to me against my will, been leered at, grabbed and groped. Therefore, reading books about sexual abuse can be triggering. I don’t feel the need however to get angry at people for reading a book that affected me on a personal level. 

I feel like I’m rambling, but what I’m trying to say is read what you like. If it’s controversial or scandalous, racist, misogynist or homophobic…etc…read it, but learn from it. Discuss it with your peers, move on. You are NOT what you read, just like *most* authors are NOT what they write. 

I am happy to have an open discussion with anyone wanting to discuss. Let’s enjoy reading, for what it is, and discuss the problematic issues we face in these books. Continue to be kind to one another and respect each others opinions. 

Steff xx



  1. Bex @ Bexnbookx · December 6, 2016

    I’m so glad you wrote this post, so thanks so much. I have so many things to say and question but lately in our community it doesn’t feel like a safe space to ask questions to help growth, especially not in Twitter and especially not today.

    I’m all about becoming a better person, and learning more so thank you so much for opening up the gate again and allowing people to discuss respectfully the issues we come across in books.

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    • littlebookynook · December 7, 2016

      Twitter seems a bit toxic at the moment, with people constantly screen shotting and calling out authors etc. It makes me sad. Last night I was just fed up with it all, people need to be respectful of one another regardless of their opinions. Thank you so much for reading and commenting 🙂

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  2. Megan @ bookslayerReads · December 6, 2016

    Great post! I totally agree with everything you said. I mean, literally everything. (I don’t have much else to say on the topic because you’ve said it all!) This is a post that needs to be read by everyone. Thanks for this!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • littlebookynook · December 7, 2016

      Thank you! We are all very passionate about what we read, which is great, but everyone needs to be respectful. I’m all about spreading the love 🙂 Thank you so much for reading my rant 🙂

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      • Megan @ bookslayerReads · December 7, 2016

        You’re exactly right. We should all respect each other, period. Negativity be damned! 😊


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