Books I would want to read if I got stuck in a lift

Not too long ago, I got stuck in a lift. This is something that I have always hoped wouldn’t happen to me, as I have no trust for a metal box that relies on a cable to take you 20 stories high. Knowing that I was going to be stuck in there for a while, I sat on the ground and started reading my book (A Court of Mist and Fury I think it was). Having a book with me kept me calm. It also helped that I thought “what would Aelin Galathynius do in this situation? Definitely NOT freak out!”. Mind you, if Aelin got caught in a lift I think she would just burn a whole through the door and climb out of there with her super assassin skills.

Anyway, I digress. This got me thinking, what books would I want with me if I got stuck in a lift for a long time. And I know this is a horrible thought, but a girl has gotta be ready if something like this happens. So here are a list of books I would like to have with me if I ever get stuck in a lift again (I hope I never have to use this list).


The love storyA Court of Mist and Fury by S.J. Maas


Well this story has a bit of everything in it with some fantasy, action and romance. The main reason why I want this story with me is Feyre and Rhysand’s relationship. Rhys is such a badass (with a large wingspan), and he would do anything for Feyre. I therefore need this story with me because everyone needs a bit of love in their life….and Rhys.


The kick-ass heroineHeir of Fire by S.J. Maas


This is the third book in the Throne of Glass series, but I have to say that this is my favourite book in the whole series. I think it’s because a) Aelin starts to figure out who she is and b) Rowan comes into the story. But having this book by my side will remind me that I can be as strong as Aelin, so I therefore do not need to freak out about being stuck in a box. For those of you who have read EoS, you may find that last sentence rather ironic. Aelin is my absolute favourite heroine ever…EVER!!!


Something to keep me level headedOutlander by Diana Gabaldon


Some people get really annoyed by Claire, but I actually really like her. She gets thrown into a world completely different to her own, and she thinks everything logically. Rather than freak out, she just looks at thing logically and figures out what the next best step is. Claire’s musings will keep me calm and logical in the lift, plus Jamie’s steady presence can’t hurt either.


Something lightHarry Potter by J.K. Rowling


But of course. Any HP book will help, because I will feel like I am hanging out with some friends. A little bit of Harry Potter will get you through any tough situation.


Something action packedCity of Bones by Cassandra Clare


This book is going to take my mind off being in the lift, because from the first page there is pretty much non-stop action. I will run through the NYC streets with Clary and her friends, fighting demons and just generally being a kick-ass chick. When the lift door finally opens I will continue sitting on the ground because I haven’t found out where Clary’s mum is yet.


What books would you want with you if you got stuck in a lift? Let me know in the comments below 🙂

Steff xx


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