Books I’ll re-read for the rest of my life

I constantly re-read certain series, because I feel like I am re-visiting old friends. There are stand-alone books that I re-read, however for some reason I like going back to the series more. So today, here are a few of my favourite book worlds I like to return to.

The Mortal Instruments


I have worn out my Mortal Instruments books because I return to them so often. I always feel like I am hanging with old friends when I read these books; I feel like moving to New York and becoming a Shadowhunter! My only problem is that I lack agility, grace and can’t even handle a knife when cutting a cake. There are 6 books in this series and a really easy read. Magnus Bane is easily one of my favourite characters, he is definitely someone that I would want on my side in an apocalypse!

The Infernal Devices


Will is one of my fictional character crushes! How can a guy be so good looking, considerate, heroic AND witty…the answer is, they generally can’t. This is why we read books! Jem is such a sweetheart, but I will always choose Will. Who could deny someone who says they are “catastrophically in love” with you? I return to these books a lot, but I have a general avoidance of crying which I always end up doing at the end of this series, so I will generally only read this series once a year.

Hush, Hush


I’m not sure why I re-read this series, I think it’s because it is easy to read and I am still trying to figure out whether Patch is very helpful or not. I dunno, he tends to disappear when all the action is happening. The books kind of look like romance novels, and this is why they say not to judge a book by its cover. If you can get past the cover (which you should!) you will find a series that is quite enjoyable. I like that Nora, the main female character, turns into someone who can hold her own and Patch lets her shine. I always love a strong female character!

Throne of Glass


Picture me, stroking these books saying “my pretties” in a voice like the Wicked Witch of the West. I absolutely love this series, I love Celaena and Aelin. I return to this world because I love a kick-ass female character. I won’t say too much…I’ll end up giving things away!

Harry Potter


HP is a staple of everyone’s re-read list….no further explanation required.



  1. mreadsbooks · September 15, 2016

    Started reading this post… first series… second series… with every item on the list, I was getting more anxious – because I was like “OH MY GOD WHERE’S HARRY” 😀 There he is! Yay ❤


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