Empire of Storms

My first BLOG post…exciting!!

I have to say that I absolutely LOVED this book. On the eve of 5th September 2016, I seriously couldn’t sleep out of excitement for this book. Everyone around me knew how excited I was, because I made sure to give them a count down on the days left until it came out. I had pre-ordered through booktopia, however I got an email from them saying I wouldn’t receive it until the Friday. I therefore went to a book store and bought it…leaving me with two copies. But that just leaves me with a good never used copy, and a copy that I can lend to people.

I started reading EoS on the Tuesday at lunch time and finished on the Wednesday night. It was one of those scenarios where I was like “ok one more chapter” but then that ended up being another 20 chapters. On the Tuesday night I ate a muesli bar for dinner because I didn’t want to waste time with eating, and then stayed up until 1am (quite hungry though). When I finished on the Wednesday night I was sad…because now I have to wait for another year for the next one!

So back to what I was saying, I really enjoyed this book. So much character development and a¬†few revelations from earlier on in the series. The whole diversity thing still rears its ugly head…this is obviously something that needs to change across the board however, and definitely something that writers need to be doing more of. I think the writing has really improved since the first books and I found myself really interested in every character POV.

All up, I definitely recommend this one if you have started or plan on starting the Throne of Glass series. Words can not express how much I look forward to the next one!!


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